Gold NatWest Pigs -
2007 Edition
Gold Annabel



Following on from the successes of their previous competitions for
Gold piggy banks, NatWest issued a new Gold Annabel pig
as a prize in a competition drawn on 15 June 2007.

112 or 114 winners (the information between the competition
brochure and what NatWest tell us differs) were awarded
a Golden Pig.
In addition each winner received
a cash prize of up to £10,000.

There was also a special prize draw of 5 pigs
for staff of the Royal Bank of Scotland,
who were the owners of NatWest.

NatWest describe the Golden Pig as an exclusive
limited edition gold coloured piggy bank with
a production run of just 400.



We are most grateful to Alan, Ian and Chris for supplying the photographs


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