Gold Sir Nathaniel



We are pleased to present what we believe to be the first public appearance of a genuine Gold Sir Nathaniel piggy bank. We have heard the many rumours that have been around for years of gold versions of other family members but we think this is a totally genuine gold pig.

The intriguing story goes like this:- In the Piggy Press Issue 7, NatWest ran a painting competition for Sir Nathaniel's 100 Club in two age groups. The first prize in each group was "A Treasure Hunt with Anneka Rice" and the Gold Sir Nathaniel, in a presentation wooden chest and full of money, was the treasure. The two winners and their families stayed in a hotel in Oxford in the summer of 1986 for a weekend and on the second day each of them in turn were taken up in a helicopter with Anneka Rice following clues in similar fashion to her TV programme. After landing the children followed the final clues to find the treasure.

There is definitely one other pig, the same as the one pictured here, because the other prize winner also received one and we have been shown photographs of both the winners together with Anneka holding their pigs. Natwest filmed the event and later presented the children with photo albums. Wade have confirmed that they have recently become aware of a similar pig and they are are looking into it at the moment.

Further news will be posted when available

The attached photographs are therefore, we believe, of a genuine Gold Sir Nathaniel.
We have also seen photographs of the actual prize presentation and several letters.

We are most grateful to Nina who sent us the
of the Gold Sir Nathaniel
and also the newspaper cuttings,
presentation photographs and letters


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