Gold NatWest Pigs


The story has it that the "Gold Woody" piggy bank was made specially for presentation
to the board of directors of the NatWest Bank and at approximately the same time 25 were given as prizes in a Treasure Hunt competition run by the NatWest Piggy Press. All are understood to have been accompanied by a certificate of authenticity of some description. They are exceptionally rare and simply because of the limited number that were ever made will rarely come on to the market.

SO FAR SO GOOD . . . . . . . . . . . BUT

Wade could never say how many Gold Woodys they made, but said they must have the 'Wade England' stamp.
So if a genuine Wade Gold Woody is supposed to have this Wade mark has anyone ever seen one?
Have Wade ever verified a gold Woody for anyone as genuine and if so on what basis?
Nobody at Wade seems to have seen one and they don't have any photographs.

Sunshine Ceramics are quoted as saying that they never made any Gold Woodys nor any other gold pigs.

There have been more than a few Gold Woodys for sale over the years with the gold inscription on the base
"One of 25 only Gold Woody's - Manufactured exclusively for the National Westminster Bank PLC".


It seems that the truth about these much sought-after pigs is possibly getting a little clearer and the up to date facts are set out below.

But refrain from too much excitement because the problem now is that we have no idea who made them!! It has always been understood, and probably believed by most people, that the Gold Woodys were made by Wade.
If fact Wade thought they were!

Over the years Wade must have rejected quite a few Gold Woodys on the simple basis that they didn’t have a ‘Wade England’ backstamp.

It does seem strange that something so potentially valuable should have such a discredited history. The Gold Woodys, all 25 of them, have been argued about, copied, fraudulently sold and wrongly attributed to many different potteries!


“… the belief is that Wade did manufacture some gold Woodys but these would have the Wade stamp on the base, it appears that the ones used for the competition with the gold decal on may have been issued by Sunshine or the other pottery company the bank used for their promotion. ....... the truth of the matter is that no firm records were kept in this era and no personnel from it are still working here!”


  • Wade admit they probably didn’t make the 25 prize pigs.
  • Wade might possibly have made some gold Woodys but who knows.
  • Wade now talk of a pottery other than Sunshine Ceramics that the Bank used.
  • Wade have no records and they have no reference to anyone from the time of manufacture.

So in other words there is now no proof that Wade ever made any Gold Woodys
- so who on earth did make them?

We have now identified or contacted 7 of the 25 winners of the Piggy Press competition who won Gold Woodys. They have all produced copies of newspaper articles or photographs of them being presented with their prizes. The inscription on the bottom of their pigs is “One of twenty five only Golden Woody's” and “Manufactured exclusively for the National Westminster Bank PLC”. Now, unless we are to be so uncharitable as to contemplate a major conspiracy, we should presumably be accepting that these are the original, genuine Gold Woodys.

However, quite apart from wondering who made them, we can't understand how a multi-national corporation like NatWest could have ever put their name to the dreadful English in the wording on the bottom of the pigs.
They would have failed their GCSE with such glaring grammatical errors!!!
    • ‘One of twenty five only Golden Woody's..’ is incorrect and should be ‘One of only twenty five ...’
    • Woody's is totally wrong as the apostrophe can only used in the case of possession ie. Woody’s head or Woody's photo.
    • The correct plural of Woody is Woodys without any apostrophe.
    • The third problem is that it would be more usual to use PLC in lower case ie. plc.


Wade did not - as stated above.
Sunshine Ceramics did not – they have told us so.
The Stoke Museum, an authority on the Potteries, only know of these two manufacturers.


Anyone who has any ideas please do contact us
Someone out there must know the answer to this puzzle!

Any other winners of the Piggy Press competition
who we haven't been in contact with please do email us
as soon as possible, we need your help . . . thanks.

If you don’t believe how difficult it is to identify a genuine Gold pig have a look at the following photographs,
all of which have been claimed to be the genuine article . . . . but aren't!

Gold Annabel
Fake Gold Woody
Gold Cousin Wesley
A non-Wade Gold Woody
A non-Wade Gold Woody
A non-Wade Gold Woody



Gold NatWest family

Our grateful thanks to Wade for their patience in kindly answering our frequent questions.

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