Szeiler & Moorland

Joseph Szeiler was born in 1924 in south west Hungary and in 1948, due to the political situation, he left Budapest and eventually settled in England. He started working in the pottery industry and a few years later, in 1951 he opened his own pottery, Studio Szeiler, in Staffordshire. Making his own models and moulds, he started to produce small earthenware animals and figurines for which he was to become world famous.
Length 17.0 cms:  height  7.0cms
Mark 74/5: Length 17.0 cms:  height  7.5cms
Mark 74/3: Length 14.0 cms:  height  6.5cms

The business grew and in 1955 Joseph Szeiler opened his Burslem studio where he continued to make animal figures, with more than a hundred being produced in a variety of sizes. He also started to make vases, table ware and money boxes.
Grays, Thelwell: Length 15.0 cms:  height  6.5cms
After his death in 1980 his widow ran the pottery until it was taken over and renamed the Moorland Pottery in the mid-1980's, named after the address of his Burslem pottery.
Mark 74/5: Length 17.0 cms:  height  7.5cms

Szeiler piggy banks have a wonderful style and a charm of their own and are unlike any others. The tiny piggy bank below left is only 9cms long whilst the one next to him is 11cms long with the Szeiler mark 74/1. The figure below right is an unusual colouring and measures 17cms.
Mark 74/5, 74/1 & X: Lengths 17.0, 11.0 & 9.0 cms
Length 18.5 cms:  height  11.0cms
Length 17.0 cms:  height  7.5cms
Length 15.0 cms:  height  9.0cms
Lengths 15.0 cms:  height  9.0cms
Length 15.0 cms:  height  9.0cms

The piggy bank with the orange cheeks below left has a very mixed pedigree!! It has a Price Bros backstamp and an Arthur Wood number '2704' . Price Bros merged with Kensington Pottery to become Price and Kensington and then became part of the Arthur Wood Group but the most fascinating point with this piggy bank is that it is a Szeiler mould.
F.R.Gray, Thelwell & Price Bros. with Arthur Wood '2704' mark

These two Szeilers are backstamped F.R.Gray Thelwell Products and Price Bros. respectively.

F.R.Gray, Thelwell & Price Bros. with Arthur Wood '2704' mark
A Moorland 'Szeiler': Length 14.0 cms
Moorland Pottery continued to produce Szeiler piggy banks, as illustrated by the character on the left, which is a Szeiler mould, but is backstamped Moorland Pottery.
Moorland backstamp
Thelwells: Lengths 14.0, 14.5, 15.0 & 17.0 cms

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