Goebel & Hummel

The company which was to become W Goebel Porzellanfabrik, was founded in Thuringia, in Germany, in 1871 by Franz Goebel and his son, William. In the early days the firm produced mainly fancy figurines and dinner ware, but as the influence of the younger Goebel was felt, the product line was expanded. Goebel attracted some of Europe's finest sculptors and contemporary artists and a succession of sons took the company forward into the world markets.
Length 18.0cms: Mark SD53
Length 12.0cms: Mark SD14
Length 18.0cms: Mark SD53

In the 1930's the artwork of Franciscan Sister, Maria Innocentia Hummel, came to the attention of Franz Goebel and from this came the famous partnership of M I Hummel & Goebel. Sister Hummel died at the age of 37 in 1946, but figurines based on her paintings, and her artistic legacy, have been carried on by Goebel to this day. The  name of Goebel is synonymous with that of M I Hummel and her child figures which are amongst the world's most beloved figurines.
Height 10.0 cms: Mark SD33
Height 13.0 cms: Mark SD42
Height 16.0 cms: Mark SD38

Lengths 18.0 and 12.0 cms: Marks SD53 & SD14
On the open market Goebel piggy banks are few and far between and as any Goebel figure is highly collectable they are not easy to obtain. A few examples of Goebel pigs are shown on this page. The Goebel pigs are amongst the few piggy banks that have lockable metal stoppers, supplied with keys.
The piggy bank below is thought to be the only true pig replica produced by Goebel.
Lengths  26.0, 18.0 and 12.0 cms: Marks SD53 , SD45 & SD14
Lengths  27.5, 18.0 and 12.0 cms: Marks SD53 , SD45 & SD14
Length 18.5cms:
Height 14.0 cms: Mark SD43
Lengths 18 cms: Marks SD53

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