The Ellgreave Pottery Co. was founded in Burslem in Staffordshire in 1921 by Wood & Sons who were later famously associated with Susie Cooper. Ellgreave's main production was in teapots and quality domestic earthenware, but they also made figurines, tableware, vases etc.

Length 20.0cms
Length 14.0cms: Thelwell
Length 20.0cms

Around 1923 the famous Charlotte Rhead, who had been working at Wood & Sons since 1912,
after her father had been appointed art director of the company, designed for the Ellgreave Pottery and had a considerable hand in modernising their designs. Much of her work was sold by Ellgreave under the trade name of Lottie Rhead Ware. Having continued production without a break since 1921 the pottery closed in 1981.
Height 17.0cms: "Mr Piggy"
Height 24.0cms: "Mr Pigs"
Height 24.0cms: "Mr Pig"

Ellgreave are best known in piggy bank terms for their famous 'Mr Pig', 'Mr Piggy' and 'Wiggy' designs. The 'Mr Pig' banks were made in the 1920's and there are two different types, both from what appear to be the same moulds, but with the slots in different places. Most seem to have the slot in the back of the head, but some, and we imagine the earlier ones, had the slot in front of the left shoulder. Both types are shown on this page.
Height 16.0cms: "Wiggy"
Length 22.0 cms: Old & quite rare
Height 16.0cms

Whilst the piggy banks can be fairly easily obtained it is very difficult to find them in good to perfect condition as they are made with a very soft glaze and the paint chips very easily. An almost perfect 'Mr Pig' is valued in a recent 'Millers Collectables Price Guide' as being worth between £85 and £95.

Lengths 20.0cms: heights12.0cms

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