Copyright Infringements


I sincerely regret having to go to these lengths but I am becoming increasingly disallusioned with the
number of people who copy material straight from the web site to use, mainly on their eBay auction pages, without any thought of asking for permission.

In law I own the copyright to all the photographs and text on this site and the opening page has always carried the following polite request: -

"All photographs are personally owned unless otherwise stated.
Please request permission before reproducing photos or text."

Regrettably some people are totally ignoring this request .

I am delighted that people visit the site and I am more than happy to allow reproduction of the photos and text if, but only if, permission is first requested and an acknowledgement and a link to the site is included.

In future all my photographs and text that appear on eBay without prior permission will be reported and under eBay rules the auction will be removed.

I regret having to go to these lengths but if people won't play the game,
then sorry, neither can I!!

So please just ask


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