Arthur Wood

The Wood family of Staffordshire have a history of pottery making over hundreds of years, and the present company dates from around 1884 and is still on the original site at the Bradwell Works in Longport.
Length 12.5cms: Mark 5541
Lengths 46.5 & 12.5cms: Mark (large) 4968: Fairly rare: Mark (small) 5542
Length 16.0cms: Mark 5538

Arthur Wood made his name originally with earthenware teapots but in the early 1920's expanded the product range with rose-bowls and vases. Throughout the 1950's a contemporary range of bowls, vases, jugs and tankards were introduced.
Lengths 24.5cms: Marks 4793 & 4968
Length 15.0cms: Mark 5272
Lengths 18.0 & 24.5cms
Length 20.0cms: Mark 5952: Rare shape
Lengths 24.5 & 10.5 cms: Mark (large) 4793:  Mark (small) 4685
Length 21.5cms: Mark 5214
In the 1960's and 1970's the firm developed a range of hollowware, including cups, mugs, piggy banks, plant pots, vases and the like. In 1967 Arthur Wood had acquired Carlton Ware and continued to produce its traditional tea and coffee sets and fancy tableware until selling it in 1987. The Price & Kensington pottery was also part of the Arthur Wood group, the Price Pottery having merged in the early 1950's before merging with the Kensington Pottery to form Price and Kensington.
Length 12.5cms: Height 9.0cms
Width 10.0cms: Height 11.0cms
Giants: length 36.5cms: height 20.5cms
Lengths15.0cms: Marks 4790, 4792, 5084 & 4963
Arthur Wood piggy banks are extremely appealing - from the more traditional pigs, to the more flamboyant and colourful as shown in the photographs. They include a wonderful variety of colours and shapes and are keenly collected. Arthur Wood piggy banks have a four figure number stamped underneath which indicates the pattern/colour scheme, rather than the shape or size.
Lengths 24.5cms: Marks 4793 & 4968
Lengths 46.5 , 36.5 & 12.5cms: Marks (large) 4968, (medium & small) 5428: Large and medium both rare:

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