White Jacketted
Sir Nathaniel


White Sir Nathaniel

White Sir Nathaniel


There have been a lot of these white coated Sir Nathaniels for sale over the past couple of years and we have always been led to believe that they are fakes.

They are also sometimes referred to as the “President”.

The original story was that a paintress at the Wade factory made two of these models and smuggled them out of the pottery, but there have been many more than two on the eBay auction site which suggests that they are being mass produced! Wade had always denied any knowledge of them.

In January 2009 Andy Cooper, a NatWest collector from Wigan in Lancashire, was credited with having tracked down and purchased the two original White Sir Nathaniels smuggled out of the Wade pottery. An article in the local newspaper, The Sentinel, and an appearance on BBC Radio Stoke gave details of how Andy had managed to track down the two pigs.

So any pigs you now see for sale must be fakes, and you are
therefore strongly recommended to avoid them at all costs.

Our thanks to Andy for providing the accompanying photographs

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