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This unique and unusual look-alike for Sir Nathaniel, the father of the NatWest pig family, in unaccustomed guise without his usual red bow tie, was supposedly manufactured by Wade for the Lombard NatWest Bank. We know this particular piggy bank was handed out as a gift to visitors to the Lombard stand at the 'Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales' (ICAEW) Annual Conference in London in 1995, but they are known to have been in circulation before that time. We have seen him both with and without the Lombard NatWest label.  


 Wade always maintained that they could not find any record of the pig being produced, and 'questioned its authenticity'. Lombard
NatWest couldn't provide any information and said that with many corporate changes since 1995, there is no-one left who could
remember anything about them!

There are several revealing aspects to this piggy bank which almost made it certain that it was produced by Wade:-

  • Same height, looks identical except the colour is not pure black but has a deep blue sheen
  • It is so remarkably similar to Sir Nathaniel but with a normal red tie instead of the bow tie
  • It is inconceivable to think that Lombard would have given away fake Wade piggy banks
  • This one weights 705gms against our real Sir Nathaniel at 675gms - just 1oz different
  • The Certificate looks fairly authentic, signed by Peter Mill, the Marketing Manager
  • The underside is embossed with what appears to be a genuine Wade stamp
After years of investigation and questioning the National Westminster Bank, Lombard, NatWest bank managers and Wade we were no nearer to finding the truth of this pig, but now, through the kind intervention of Suzanne, we have discovered that Wade do now officially admit to having produced samples of the pig, whilst still maintaining that they never went into full production.

Wade state that they have come to this conclusion after a discussion with a lady who worked for the bank at the time and who apparently produced a news article about the promotion and launch of the pigs. However they also say that someone working for them “... seems to remember that Wade produced samples but the plug was pulled on this due to a kidnapping at the time of a bank manager!!!!”

We were later contacted by someone who worked for Lombard at the time of the pigs and they confirm that an initial order of 100 pigs was placed with Wade but that no further orders were made. We are most grateful for the information which would seem to provide the conclusive proof we have been waiting for.

We are therefore convinced that Wade did produce this pig for Lombard NatWest,
in a limited production run of only 100.

The most fascinating part of the tale has now come to light
as shown in the following extract from an internal news
magazine from Lombard Natwest dated Sept 1995

  If anyone can throw any further light on this rare character please do e-mail us.








Certificate of Authenticity

Lombard NatWest piggy bank

Certificate of Authenticity



Our sincere thanks to Mark for bringing Sir Nathaniel to our attention and for
the original photographs for us to include on the Piggy Bank Page.


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